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Maître de conférences 


INSPE Faculté des Lettres de Sorbonne Université

10 rue molitor

75016 paris

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Sciences de l’éducation, nouvelles technologies, technontologies, psychologie transpersonnelle, transdisciplinarité.


Following my university studies in social, environmental and human sciences, I specialised in communication sciences, new technologies and educational sciences. This interdisciplinary approach facilitates my current global analysis of contemporary issues, including digital media creation and related teaching methods.

After several years spent in consulting, research engineering activities and popular education, I am now particularly involved in the formation of future teachers. I conceive and implement an « integrative and implicative pedagogy ». My current research emphasises transdisciplinarity, transpersonal psychology and digital humanities until technontologies.

My laboratory since 2016 is Costech (Knowledge, Organization and Technical Systems, EA 2223), at UTC.