Building a career plan

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities endeavours to favour the integration of its students into the professional world, by implementing various support measures such as counselling, training workshops and dedicated events, as well as setting up partnerships and creating pathways between programmes, in collaboration with other institutions of the world of higher education.


Building a career plan

Our alumni community

The following survey involves all master's students who graduated in 2013. Their situation was evaluated on 1 December 2015, 30 months after graduation (source: intelligence unit of professional integration and career paths).

  • Integration rate (number of master's degree graduates in employment, out of all master's degree graduates in employment or seeking employment): 90%.
  • Immediate PhD continuation rate: 7%
  • Among our master’s graduates
    • 73% are executives (including civil service "A" executives)
    • 40% work in the private or voluntary sector, 51% are civil servants
    • 73% are employed on an indeterminate basis (permanent contracts and civil service)
  • Satisfaction level
    • 86% are satisfied or very satisfied with their job
    • 62% use the skills acquired during their M2
    • 84% are satisfied or very satisfied with the responsibilities entrusted to them

Meet our alumni community (French website)

Vocational guidance and counselling

The Careers service (Direction de l’orientation, des stages et de l’insertion professionnelle - DOSIP) will inform, guide and assist you in constructing your academic and professional project, whether you are a university student, a secondary education student, or a professional in continuing education.

At any point during the year, you can meet our careers advisers during individual consultations offering guidance about:

  • Your bachelor’s programme
  • Your choice of master’s
  • How to prepare for a competitive exam
  • A change in your choice of degree, etc.

Our careers advisers provide students with support and guidance to help them build an academic path in keeping with their career goals and aspirations. Consultations take place in a confidential and privileged setting and allow you to review your current academic path and reflect on your goals, in order to identify other options that will get you closer to fulfilling your professional project.

Academic counselling sessions are also held each year at the end of the first term, to provide information and guidance to students wishing to switch bachelor’s programmes.

The Careers service (DOSIP) organises numerous events and workshops throughout the year, and is also always open to students who seek counselling, so that all students have the opportunity to receive advice and assistance. All events are shared on the website “Plateforme Carrière”, a useful tool when looking for jobs and internships. The platform also allows you to contact the careers advisers and to register for the various events organised to guide you towards employment, allowing you to meet with professionals and be introduced to recruiting companies.

In addition to your academic curriculum, there is also a wide array of opportunities that allow you to get acquainted with the world of work and broaden your prospects. For instance, as part of your studies, you can enlist in voluntary community service, do an internship, discover entrepreneurship, apply for a student job, get course credits for your volunteer work, or join an association.

Entrepreneurial training

Sorbonne University is devoted to stimulating entrepreneurship among its students, from undergraduate to doctoral level.
Students are trained in entrepreneurship – one of the possible prospects at the end of their studies – and Sorbonne University supports them in reaching their career goals.
Learn more about entrepreneurial initiatives and partnerships at Sorbonne University on the page dedicated to entrepreneurial training.