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Our missions, values and vision

Giving students the tools to understand today's world and anticipate tomorrow – such are the challenges taken up by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, which brings together the arts, languages, humanities and social sciences.

Our missions, values and vision

A long-standing institution

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sorbonne University provides education and research in the fields of arts, languages, humanities and social sciences. As a successor to the college founded in 1257 by Robert de Sorbon, the Faculty is now established on thirteen different sites and campuses in the heart of Paris, including the historic site of the Sorbonne.

Today, as part of a cross-disciplinary group of international scale, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sorbonne University offers an exceptional range of programmes involving rare subjects and many specialised fields. Its network of researchers and closeness to the two other Faculties, of Medicine and of Science and Engineering, provide a stimulating work environment and rich interconnections between disciplines. It rises to the challenges of an ever-changing society.


Top-level education in arts and humanities

Part of a multidisciplinary group of international scale, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a wide array of programmes that fulfil current scientific, economic and cultural needs.
These programmes cover the fields of classical and modern literature, communication and discourse analysis, foreign literatures and civilisations, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, history, geography, art history, archaeology, musicology, information and communication sciences, education sciences, and teacher training.

Build the academic path that meets your goals thanks to a broad range of options, specialisations, double degrees and pathways between programmes, including in science, engineering and medicine.
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A network of sites and campuses in the heart of Paris

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is comprised of thirteen sites and campuses all over Paris. The Clignancourt and Malesherbes campuses, the CELSA in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the Centre for Catalan Studies in the Marais district, and the Institute of Art and Archaeology, among others, allow for an easy access to many Parisian monuments and institutions, including libraries, theatres, museums, and cultural centres. The Faculty thus offers an environment conducive to learning, as well as cultural and intellectual improvement.

The Sorbonne campus, in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is surrounded by the Collège de France, the Odéon theatre, the Panthéon and the Luxembourg Garden.

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International outreach

As an internationally renowned institution, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has developed numerous cultural, scientific and educational partnerships with foreign universities and takes part in various exchange programmes on every continent. The Faculty thus welcomes many foreign students each year, and provides many different French and foreign language certifications.

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Top-level multidisciplinary research

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities contributes to numerous major fields of research within the domain of humanities, thanks to the work of its leading researchers. This dynamic scientific community, divided between seven doctoral schools, produces hundreds of books and articles each year. The work and activities of the scientific community are orchestrated by over thirty research units, which organise about a hundred events every year and take part in many more.

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Exceptional libraries and documentary resources

The student and teaching communities have six research libraries at their disposal. The different libraries are spread over several of the Faculty’s sites and contain numerous collections, including rare or antique ones. This unique range of documentation resources is completed by additional thematic libraries, as well as multiple digital resources and services.

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The Faculty’s dedication to arts and culture

In order to enrich their academic experience, students can enrol in many different cultural, artistic and sporting activities, which they can choose to include in their grade average or simply enjoy as an extracurricular hobby. The Faculty organises many activities and events all year round, such as plays, concerts, poetry or speaking contests, movie screenings and many more, which are open to all students and sometimes to the general public.

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Keeping up with the digital age

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is constantly expanding its digital apparatus according to the needs of its community: e-learning environment; dematerialised administrative processes; webmail; access to computer rooms; computer loans; financial support for the purchase of IT equipment, etc.

The Faculty also endeavours to develop its remote learning methods and platform, which already contains hundreds of courses material and resources.

The Faculty’s commitment to equality and accessibility

Determined to ensure access to education for all, the Faculty takes action to promote a common culture of equality and provide an academic environment that is respectful of all. To this end, the Faculty carries out various actions of prevention and has implemented an alert system.

 Various solidarity measures have been stablished to prevent students from dropping out and assist them in their career choices: mentoring of newer students by seniors; note-sharing system for students who have missed a class or under specific situations.

Services dedicated to social support and careers counselling are also available, as well as experienced and accommodating supervising and administrative teams.

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