Programmes for professionals in continuing education

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a wide range of programmes open to a professional audience within the frame of continuing education.


Programmes for professionals in continuing education

Continuing education is a resumption of studies which allows professionals to complete or reorient their career path. Professionals in continuing education can enrol in various programmes, from short training programmes, to university diplomas (DU - diplômes d’université), as well as bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes awarding national degrees. Companies looking for solutions to retrain and upskill their employees can also benefit from professional courses and qualifications.

Degree programmes for professionals

All degree programmes offered at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are also available to professionals, through a different application process. Contrary to university diplomas and short training programmes, degree programmes award official national degrees recognised by the State. These bachelor’s and master’s degrees allow you to acquire valuable skills on the employment market and make it easier for recruiters to assess your academic level.

You can apply to a degree programme in continuing education if you are in one of the following situations :

  • You are a salaried worker in the private or public sector, a job seeker, an unsalaried worker (agriculture, crafts, business, professions), or a private individual.
  • You wish to enrol in a cooperative training programme within the framework of a professional training contract.

Professionals who wish to complete bachelor’s or master’s programmes need to follow a different application process. All administrative procedures are handled by the School of continuing education.
People who take up studies directly after secondary education need to enrol within the framework of full-time education, which is the classic academic path for a student who has never interrupted their studies.

To view all our degree programmes, visit the online catalogue.

For more in-depth information about the application process, as well as funding and support plans, visit the on the page dedicated to professional degree programmes on the French website.

Short training programmes and university diplomas

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities also offers several short training programmes and university diplomas which help develop new skills applicable to the professional world. These continuing education programmes are designed for professionals wishing to perfect their skills in a specific area. Such programmes are available in a wide range of fields, from geopolitics to languages, and can be intended for beginners or non-specialists as well as specialists.

University diplomas (diplômes d’université – DU) are long programmes which allow professionals to specialise in a given field. They are aimed at an adult audience with academic credentials and/or specific professional experiences.
Short training programmes can have various forms and durations, and aim to teach a specific skill to an adult audience.

Contrary to diploma programmes, university diplomas and short training programmes do not lead to a degree recognised by the State, but to a certificate delivered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sorbonne University.
In order to be compatible with the schedules of professional audiences, some of these programmes alternate between remote and in-person sessions. Some short training programmes can be completed in a few hours or days only, and others are taught as evening classes.

Training is provided by lecturers who are experts in the relevant fields, and allow professionals to acquire practical knowledge and skills, readily applicable to a wide array of professional areas.

You can find all the necessary information about short training programmes and university diplomas in the continuing education programmes online catalogue.