Doctoral schools and research units

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities supports numerous major fields of research in the sphere of humanities, thanks to the work of leading researchers in their areas of expertise.

Doctoral schools and research units

Doctoral schools

Doctoral schools manage all matters related to doctorates. Each doctoral school comprises several research units centred around a specific research field.
Doctoral schools are in charge of recruiting, training and monitoring PhD candidates, as well as evaluating PhD viva voces. They organise courses and scientific activities for PhD candidates, and validate each candidate’s individual academic plan.

The Faculty’s scientific activities are organised by seven doctoral schools.

These doctoral schools organise and schedule the scientific activities of over 30 research units, 8 of which are supported by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).
These human-scale units are sensitive to the challenges of the contemporary world. They take part in numerous scientific events and organise around 100 events each year within the Faculty.
The wide disciplinary and thematic range covered by these scientific communities has established the Faculty of Arts and Humanities as a major institution in many fields.
Our doctoral schools in figures :

  • 750 teacher-researchers
  • 230 teachers
  • 1500 PhD candidates
  • 200 theses defended every year
  • 40 accreditations to supervise research (habilitations à diriger des recherches – HDR) delivered every year

JOINT RESEARCH UNIT - Unité mixte de recherche (UMR)

André-Chastel Centre (CAC) : research unit in art history (UMR 8150)
Centre for French language and literature studies (CELLF) (UMR 8599)
Centre of research on Ancient Philosophy (Centre Léon Robin)  (UMR 8061)
Roland Mousnier Centre (CRM) (UMR 8596)
Eastern, Balkan and East-Central Europe (EUR’ORBEM) (UMR 8224)
Sorbonne research group for the study of the methods of sociological analysis (GEMASS)  (UMR 8598)
Research institute in Musicolgy (IReMus) (UMR 8223)
Research unit on monotheisms (LEM) (UMR 8584)
The East and the Mediterranean, texts – archaeology – history (O&M) (UMR 8167)
Sorbonne identities, cultures and international relations in Europe (SIRICE) (UMR 8138)
Sciences, Norms, Democracy (SND) (UMR 8011)

RESEARCH UNIT - Unité de recherche (UR)

Centre for English medieval studies (CEMA)
Centre of research on 19th-century history (CRHXIX)
Sorbonne Study Centre on linguistics (CeLiSo)
Centre of research on comparative literature (CRLC)
Centre of research on Pre-Hispanic America (CERAP)
Centre of research on the Far East (CREOPS)
Sorbonne Centre of research on Egyptology (CRES)
Centre of cross-disciplinary research on contemporary Iberian worlds (CRIMIC)
Spanish and American civilisations and literatures from the Middle-Ages to the Enlightenment (CLEA)
Publishing, interpreting and translating ancient texts (EDITTA)
Italian literature and culture research team (ELCI)
Studying and publishing medieval texts
Cross-disciplinary research group on information and communication processes (GRIPIC)
History and dynamics of English-speaking spaces: from the real to the digital (HDEA)
Mediations, geographical sciences, human sciences
Metaphysics, histories, transformations, contemporary relevance
Identities and representations. Germanic, Nordic and Dutch-speaking spaces (REIGENN)
Rome and its renaissances: Arts, Archaeology, Literatures and Philosophies
Meaning, Text, Computer science, History (STIH)
English voices Literature and Aesthetics (VALE)


Digital encyclopedia of European history (EHNE)
Observatory of literary life (OBVIL)
Cross-disciplinary research programme on drama and theatrical practices (PRITEPS)


Modelling Enlightenment. Reassembling Networks of Modernity through data-driven research (ModERN)