Student societies

Whether you decide to join a student society or to take part in the democratic life of the university, there are many ways to get involved in student life at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Student societies

Joining a student society

You can participate in the student life of the Faculty by creating or joining a student society and taking part in the different events organised on campus (the rallye, orientation day, etc.). You can also contribute to the institutional life of the Faculty by standing as a candidate in student elections.
Student societies take an active part in campus life by initiating various projects for the student community. By joining a society, you become an major player in the life of your campus.
Being involved in a student society allows you to discover new practices and develop a range of skills that can prove valuable during your first ventures into the professional world: teamwork, project management, public speaking, workshop hosting, etc.
Student societies are a great way to express your creativity, develop collective and collaborative projects, meet new people and exchange views, but also to have fun!
The Faculty of Arts and Humanities appreciates and encourages student involvement by rewarding voluntary work undertaken within the university, but also on a local or national scale. Thanks to the “engagement étudiant” (student involvement) plan, university credits can be awarded to students who have been members of a non-profit organisation for at least 2 years (whether it is a Sorbonne University student society or not), are involved in the mentoring and note-sharing systems, or have been student representatives.

Developing and funding a student project

The Student Affairs services can assist you in developing your projects. You can receive help and guidance from the Student Affairs services during the whole process of creating a student society: providing logistical support, preparing funding applications, lending equipment, connecting you with the relevant university services and with other societies to organise events of a larger scale.
The solidarity and student initiative fund (FSDIE) helps financing student initiatives, in areas such as: arts, scientific culture, campus life, sporting events, humanitarian work and solidarity, health, environment, etc.
The fund is financed by a part of the CVEC (a contribution to student and campus life that you are paying for at the beginning of each academic year) and administered by a committee which meets at least 3 times a year. Contact the Student Affairs services to know about the allocation criteria.

Student representatives

Elected student representatives contribute to improving your life at the Faculty and facilitating your integration.
As spokespeople for the student community, they take part in carrying out concrete projects. They sit in different committees and influence strategic decisions regarding student life, associative life, career counselling, academic training, etc.