Financial and social assistance

The University and its partners offer support for students who need it and provide services to help them in different aspects of their life. The available social welfare measures are described in this section.

Financial and social assistance


Students can have access to different scholarships and relief, depending on social criteria.
To apply for a scholarship based on social criteria, you need to submit an application file and supporting documents to the CROUS at the beginning of the calendar year. Scholarship holders :

  • are exempt from paying the registration fee;
  • receive monthly financial support according to their situation;
  • qualify for student accommodation (subject to availability);
  • are required to attend lectures and seminars, and to not miss any test or examination.

Other financial support


If you are facing serious financial distress, the solidarity and development fund for student initiatives (FSDIE) can provide one-time financial assistance. This assistance is available for all students enrolled in full-time education, with no age limit or citizenship criterion. One-time assistance is allocated by a committee and subject to approval by the president of the university.

Exemption / Refund of the registration fee for non-scholarship students

 Non-scholarship students in bachelor’s, master’s or PhD programmes who are facing financial hardship can be exceptionally exempted from paying the registration fee, by decision of the president of the university on a case-by-case basis.

Special annual allowance

The special annual allowance for students in financial distress is a specific type of support allocated at the request of social workers for students who have been in full-time education (at bachelor’s or master’s level) and are facing lasting financial distress.

Access to digital equipment

 Sorbonne University students qualify for immediate and permanent discounts on all items on the HP online shop. Some computer equipment suppliers also offer discounts to students.
The university also provides free access to computers to students on some campuses.

The Bourses Talents campaign

 The Bourses Talents (talent scholarships) plan aims to provide financial support to deserving candidates wishing to prepare for civil service entrance examinations.

Student accommodation

 The CROUS offers alternative solutions to help you find accommodation in Paris, thanks to partnerships with social housing companies and the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris.
Several associations, recognised by the Paris City Hall, offer multigenerational housing options.
Associations can also put you in contact with senior citizens who have rooms available, either for free or for a controlled and commitment-free rent.

University catering

 University refectories (restaurants universitaires, or RUs) and cafeterias provide affordable and balanced meals for students all year long and near university facilities. There are 23 refectories and 38 cafeterias all over Paris to meet the needs of the whole student community. All university refectories and cafeterias are open on weekdays during the whole year.